A special time for reflection, contemplation and appreciation, Ramadan is a holy month for sharing with family and friends. It’s a time for remembering what really matters in life, letting go of negativity and welcoming healthy thoughts for you and those around you.

Ramadan is also an occasion of celebration, with Iftars and Suhour meals that bring everyone together across the world – and particularly here in the Middle East.

In the UAE alone, you’ll find celebrations from both ends of the spectrum, from grand Iftar tents and ballrooms with lavish culinary offerings, to small hole-in-the-wall roadside outlets. But no matter the scene, you’ll find one consistent – traditional, welcoming Arabic hospitality, and a lot (we mean, a lot) of mouthwatering food, made with soul and cherished recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

In this book, you’ll find a range of Iftar and Suhour offerings, authentic Middle Eastern recipes to get into the spirit of things at home, plus nutrition advice for what you should and shouldn’t be doing during the holy month. This month, more than any other in the year, sees the UAE celebrate its heritage and traditional identity and values. Whether you’re participating or not, this month is a time for respecting and treasuring the magical place we live. I hope our Arabic Eats guide helps you to discover new culinary delights, and learn a little something new about this special month you didn’t already know.

Ramadan Kareem, everyone!

The editorial team
Sophie Voelzing & Emma Hodgson