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To be competitive as possible more organisations today are creating agile infrastructure, which promises the ability to scale IT resources up and down to rapidly meet changing user and customer needs, reduce costs and help bring new products and services to the market.

A solid IT infrastructure is a key building block for agility. Done right, it can increase efficiencies and reliability. As business environments become less predictable, where cycles are shorter, quicker refreshes are required, creating agile infrastructure is more important than ever.

Where is enterprise IT headed? How do you keep pace with technology advances? How do you take advantage of the new agile infrastructure without the constraints of existing legacy systems?

CNME’s Infrastructure Strategies 2014 will bring together over 100 senior IT executives from the Middle East to find out how to build a strong infrastructure that will stand the test of time as organisations accelerate their journey to a more agile IT environment. It will feature an excellent agenda made up of leading CIOs and heads of infrastructure from top Middle East organisations, who have led the way with their own infrastructure projects.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of an invaluable discussion that is sure to outline exactly how Middle East organisations should be approaching IT infrastructure moving forward


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Group Editor
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