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IoT World

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected devises are gaining traction in homes and businesses. The possibilities for what this will mean in our future are endless. IoT has the promise to make everything more intelligent and efficient. Smart grids, smart meters, smart refrigerators and smart cars are just some examples. As […]

Data Centre Build

Data Centres in the Middle East are set for a period of steady growth in new space and revenues according to research. Modern data centres need to support new holistic requirements with infrastructure convergence, optimisation and automation, while saving energy and costs.  Virtualisation stands out as the technology which makes it possible to manage the […]

Cloud 360

After a period of reluctance, organisations in the Middle East are beginning to trust the cloud. Cloud has taken over the enterprise and transitioned from cautious trend to business critical technology. It is no longer a matter of if an organisation will deploy it, but when. 43% of organisations in the KSA and 40% in […]

Hot 50

Every year, Reseller Middle East’s Hot 50 honours channel players who have worked effectively to create value for their customers and profit for themselves and their partners. The Hot 50 Awards are open to vendors, distributors, resellers, systems integrators and power retailers who took on a leadership role this year. It is remarkable how many […]

BYOD Summit

The bring-your-own device trend has been well established in the region over the past few years. Businesses and IT manager are well on their ways to determining best practices for adoption and management of BYOD plans. Still, BYOD policies need to be both robust in terms of security and delicate in terms of protecting privacy. […]

Infrastructure Strategies ME

To be competitive as possible more organisations today are creating agile infrastructure, which promises the ability to scale IT resources up and down to rapidly meet changing user and customer needs, reduce costs and help bring new products and services to the market. A solid IT infrastructure is a key building block for agility. Done […]

Enterprise 360

The enterprise security threat landscape is changing. Attackers are moving away from multi-purposes on network perimetres towards more focused attacks on client-side targets. As the threat landscape continue to evolve and gain sophistication, attackers stay a step ahead of the defenders in exploiting vulnerabilities across the spectrum of people, processes and technologies. We are no […]

CIO 100 Awards

The future of business is under construction everywhere, with IT innovation as its chief architect. The tech industry is exploding with new products and services in social collaboration tools, mobility, predictive analytics and the cloud. The “customer experience” — once the sole province of marketing and sales — nowadays belongs to IT leaders, as well. […]

CIO 50

For the fourth time in the region, CPI is all set to raise the bar with the regional version of the well-known IDG’s global CIO 100 Awards programme. The Middle East CIO 50 Awards will celebrate the top 50 organisations (and the people within them) that are using information technology in innovative ways to deliver […]

Software Congress ME

The imperative of 2012 is a lot different from 2011. With crunched budgets and shrinking margins, CIOs are forced to put new projects on hold, and begin to consider migration from their legacy systems in order to gain more efficiencies. And even if they are actively migrating, then they are looking to increase productivity on […]

Security Strategist ME

With breaches in data making headlines all over the world, information security is at the top of every CIOs agenda. As it becomes apparent that no one, not even large-scale enterprises or governments themselves, are immune to attacks by ill-intentioned hackers, IT departments are obliged to revamp and revaluate their security systems to ensure that […]

Partner Connect

Reseller Middle East, the preferred print and online publication for channel decision makers, is pleased to announce its 2012 series of theme based, sun down, partner get together. Under this umbrella of cocktail and dinner lounge meetings, multiple vendors will address key reseller and system integrator partners around a central technology or business theme that […]

Reseller ME Partner Excellence Conference & Awards

The Middle East region’s ICT sector has witnessed a wave of technology transformation over the last few years. And with disruptive technologies such as cloud, SDN and mobility, slowly maturing over time, the business models are being revamped to include the evolving demands of the customers. This means partners across verticals are striving to be […]

Network World ME Awards

Now in its sixth year, Network World ME Awards has established itself as the major event that recognises and celebrates networking excellence. Open to both users and vendors alike, Network World ME Awards honours IT and business pros who demonstrated innovative leadership on all sides of the industry. Following the tremendous success of previous five […]

ICT Road Map

In an era where no business can afford system downtime, building a next-gen, high performance data centre is a delicate, ongoing balancing act. Today’s data centres pack more processing power than ever before; consolidation has decreased the physical footprint but has created new power and cooling challenges. When building your next-gen data centre, your best […]

BroadcastPro ME Summit & Awards

The ASBU BroadcastPro awards cover a broad range of categories to reward excellence in various fields across the broadcast workflow, from production and post-production to traditional broadcast and new media platforms. The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), an IBC award winner, and the most innovative and dynamic pan-Arab organisation involved in establishing and maintaining best […]

ICT Achievement Awards

It’s time to recognise regional excellence in ICT once again. And there is no better way than through the fifth annual ICT Achievement Awards, which will be held on 12th October 2014. CNME’s ICT Achievement Awards recognise individuals and organisations that have delivered ground-breaking business value through the innovative application of technologies. Nominees will be […]

Network World ME Awards

Network World Middle East Annual Awards celebrate innovative and transformative networking projects in the Middle East and the vendors behind them. The Network World Middle East Awards have firmly established themselves as the major networking awards evening in the Middle Eastern IT calendar. Honouring both users and vendors, the Network World Middle East Awards recognise […]