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Build Bridges with Your Customers The Middle East’s construction industry is booming, with dozens of megaprojects underway and a resurgence in key markets. With more opportunities, out there than ever, is the region’s key news service for professionals looking for industry insight in business areas ranging from architecture to infrastructure, and building materials to […]

IoT World

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected devises are gaining traction in homes and businesses. The possibilities for what this will mean in our future are endless. IoT has the promise to make everything more intelligent and efficient. Smart grids, smart meters, smart refrigerators and smart cars are just some examples. As […]

Data Centre Build

Data Centres in the Middle East are set for a period of steady growth in new space and revenues according to research. Modern data centres need to support new holistic requirements with infrastructure convergence, optimisation and automation, while saving energy and costs.  Virtualisation stands out as the technology which makes it possible to manage the […]

Cloud 360

After a period of reluctance, organisations in the Middle East are beginning to trust the cloud. Cloud has taken over the enterprise and transitioned from cautious trend to business critical technology. It is no longer a matter of if an organisation will deploy it, but when. 43% of organisations in the KSA and 40% in […]

Hot 50

Every year, Reseller Middle East’s Hot 50 honours channel players who have worked effectively to create value for their customers and profit for themselves and their partners. The Hot 50 Awards are open to vendors, distributors, resellers, systems integrators and power retailers who took on a leadership role this year. It is remarkable how many […]